London Based Online Fitness Coaches You NEED To Follow!

With the height of summer 2020 fast approaching and gyms and leisure centres still temporarily closed, many of us are turning to the internet to seek guidance and inspiration in our quest to achieve our fitness goals.

Finding the best, and most effect exercise programme to fit around our new WFH schedule can be tricky, but with so many fitness coaches, personal trainers and athleisure brands all now conducting business online, we have an abundance of options to choose.

So for those looking to keep up their exercise regimes away from the gym, check out our pick of some of the London’s best online fitness coaches here.



Psycle London’s Senior Instructor Wolfgang Mwanje aka “Wolf”, is one of London’s top fitness coaches.

Whilst most commonly known to many as a professional “Ride” Group Indoor Cycling Instructor, Wolf is also a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Trigger Point Foam Roller specialist.

Through his inclusive style of teaching, and natural sense of understanding, the ever enthusiastic Wolf delivers highly comprehensive, and truly effective classes full of energy and vigour – using his experiences as a dancer and choreographer to devise creative and unique, one-of-kind workouts unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Resolute in his unwavering dedication to help support and motivate anyone looking to make a change in their life for the better, Mwanje gives his all to create an authentic and visceral connection with each member of his ever-growing “pack”.

An inspirational man, with an eternally positive and uplifting spirit – for more information on Wolfgang Mwanje click here.



Personal trainer, blogger, best-selling author and podcast host Alice Liveing is also a former professional dancer, turned fitness guru. Liveing has reivented herself as a leading force within the industry, amassing an impressive and loyal online following, all of whom relate to her down-to-earth, realistic and astute approach to physical well-being.

Forever on a mission to help educate women on the physical and mental benefits of strength and conditioning, Alice also uses her voice as columnist for Women’s Health UK and an ambassador for Women’s Aid to further reinforce her message.

With a clear passion to inspire people everywhere with regards to all things health and fitness, as well as being dedicated to empower women to be the best version of themselves, find out more about Alice Liveing by checking out her official website here.



With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Louis Rennocks is the go to guy for anyone looking to make a significant lifestyle change.

As the co-founder and co-owner of BOXX LDN ( and head trainer at Jab Box (, the former boxer turned Sports Injury Therapist and Personal Trainer combines his skill and expertise to provide a variety of accessible studio-quality boxing, cardio, strength and yoga based workouts.

With his realistic and empathetic approach to training, Louis is a firm believer that exercise can transform lives, delivering his online sessions with a contagious energy that helps to reassure, motivate and inspire his clients to never give up.

The king of encouragement, Louis Rennocks has the knowledge, the passion and ability to help anyone and everyone achieve their dream body and ultimate fitness goal.



With a vast wealth of yoga teaching experience, and a dedicated background in elite gymnastics, personal trainer Shona Vertue has carved out quite the career for herself within the world of fitness, having perfected and honed her well-crafted teaching methods over the past decade.

Never one to shy away from taking the road less travelled in pursuit of achieving the ultimate killer body, Shona believes adopting an integrated approach to working out means achieving more effective results long term – combining weighted resistance training and cardio with yoga and meditation, placing just as much importance on rest and recovery, as hours spent in the gym.

The Vertue Method is now practised in over 65 countries around the world, and it encourages clients, (including a certain Mr. David Beckham) and fans alike to acquire new skills whilst training, and to have fun rather than focus solely on “aesthetic goals” and “punishing routines”.

For more information of Shona’s methods, visit her official website here.



As Master Trainer at Barry’s, Connor Minney specialises in delivering “tough” but “fun” online strength classes with dumbbells.

Passionate about pushing his clients to the limit to achieve levels of fitness they never thought possible, Connor aims to improve and change your physique with his weekly schedule of workouts focused on conditioning the whole body from top to bottom.

Classes are open to all, regardless of athletic ability, with each exercise strategically designed in a way that allows participants the option to scale down movements, to make them more manageable and comfortable, to best suit their level of fitness.

Charismatic, vibrant, and a lot of fun, Connor’s workouts can be found via his official website.


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