London’s Best Personal Trainers

Was it your New Year’s Resolution to get fit in 2020? How’s it going so far? If you’re like most people, you probably joined the gym or started running with great enthusiasm and the novelty is starting to wear off. Losing weight and building strength and stamina is hard work, but a personal trainer can help you to make the most out of your exercise sessions, whatever your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt your body, or train for an upcoming event, we’ve compiled a list of some of London’s best personal trainers to help whip you into shape.


1. Ultimate Performance

Their clients body transformations are almost unbelievable. Ultimate Performance offers the highest possible level of qualified, rigorously tested personal training. UP’s trainers are distinguished by their ability to practice what they preach. They talk the talk and walk the walk, training themselves even harder than they train their clients, and living the healthy lifestyle they advocate to clients. UP also offer industry leading online personal training so clients can access their support across the world.

World class private facilities in Mayfair, City of London, and Kensington.

Price: available on request


2. Hollie Grant

Ex pastry chef Hollie Grant is the founder of The Pilates PT franchise, which runs two studios in London, and also runs The Strong Women podcast. Hollie believes in a holistic approach to fitness through Pilates-based exercises, nutrition, and mental health coaching, and her method is suitable for people of all sizes and abilities.

You can train with Hollie at the Pilates PT studios in Fulham or Knightsbridge, or you can even book her or another female instructor to visit you at home. If you don’t feel like you need the full personal trainer experience, Hollie also offers an online programme including workout videos, a starter pack with inspirational books and affirmation cards, additional content on nutrition, mental health, sleep, and body confidence, two months access to the Headspace meditation app, and online support.

Price: £120 for a single session with reduced prices for memberships and packs of multiple sessions.

Pilates PT Fulham, 136-144 New Kings Road, SW6 4LZ
Pilates PT at Mandarin Oriental, 66 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LA


3. Shaun Stafford

Director of the exclusive City Athletic gym (Mo Farah trained for the London Marathon here!), Shaun Stafford is also a two-time WBFF World Fitness Champion. He’s worked with hundreds of private clients and professional athletes to achieve impressive body transformations in the quickest time possible. Shaun specializes in fat loss, competition preparation, and strength & conditioning training.

If you can’t make it to the gym or can’t afford a personal training session with Shaun, you can sign up to one of his online Physique Formula plans. These plans are designed for varying fitness levels, and there’s also a nutrition guide and cookbook available. Each ebook costs £9.99/

Price: available on enquiry

City Athletic Bank, 6 Trump St, London EC2V 8AF



For 14 years SALECCA has coached 100′s of entrepreneurs, CEO’ s and ambitious graduates who understand: You must prioritise your body, if you want to stay at the top of your game!

SALECCA is the antidote to impersonal gyms and generic boot camps. Their studio is a personal, private facility where they prioritise really getting know their clients. All programs follow SALECCA’s stronger by design system that includes nutrition coaching, a posture and flexibility assessment, strength assessment and stress management.

Price: on request

Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell Street, London, EC1Y 4SF


5. Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue is probably most famous as being David Beckham’s yoga teacher. The personal trainer and creator of the Vertue method has one of the most popular yoga YouTube channels in the UK and was an official trainer on the set of Wonder Woman 2.

The Vertue Method combines cardio and resistance training with yoga and meditation for a holistic fitness plan that puts as much importance on rest days as it does in workouts.

If you can’t get hold of Shona in person (she spends her time between London and Sydney) you can sign up for one of her online video programmes, starting from £24.99.

Price: on request



Peter Gaffney and his team have long been established as one of the leading personal training companies in London. With their unique mobile service and growing virtual offering they have been providing exclusive mobile personal training for executives, professionals and busy Londoners for over 13 years. PGPT ensure they offer clients industry leading service, not just during their training sessions, but seven days a week. Being available via email or phone to support, encourage and support clients though their journey. They also have a dedicated client support and care team to make sure you achieve success in the quickest possible time.

Price: on request


7. Red Pill Fitness

Founded by Sal Kassam, widely acknowledged to be one of Londons leading personal trainer for the past 15 years, Red Pill Fitness offers something a bit different. The team at Red Pill take a very holistic approach , looking at what the clients want to do with their bodies, not just how they want to look. They are bucking the “transformation” trend, because there’s more to health than a fleeting six-pack! Health, wealth, and freedom Sal and his clients think that’s what life is about, the freedom to live exactly how you want. If you cant make it to the facility we would encourage you to check out their social media for some great content and advice.

Price: on request

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