Top 10 Online Fashion Courses to Break Into the Fashion Industry

Thanks to online fashion courses, it’s no longer necessary to go down the traditional university route or apply for art college if you want to learn about the fashion industry and gain design qualifications.

Today fashion education is accessible to everyone and there are many online fashion courses you can sign up for, whether you already work in the fashion industry, you’re a current student and you want to extend your knowledge and skills, or you’re just an enthusiastic beginner.

Online courses give you more opportunities to work at your own pace, watch lectures online, communicate with tutors via chat and video messaging, interact with your peers in the virtual classroom and submit assignments online. You can study from anywhere in the world and fit your study around work and family commitments easily, whether it’s toward fashion merchandising degrees or a degree in international business.

Some of the best fashion colleges in the world are now offering their courses to online students. Here are some of the best courses to get you started.


1. Essential Guide to the Fashion Business – London College of Fashion

The London College of Fashion runs several short fashion courses online and this one is a good all-rounder, great as an introduction to the fashion industry and for those looking for a general course to get started with.

The course is run by Alison Lowe, who provides marketing and PR services for several fashion designers and creative brands, and consultancy expert Toby Meadows. The content of the course covers the basics of fashion design and manufacturing, explores how marketing and PR fit into the industry, and looks into potential career routes.

Duration: 2 days

Price: £225


2. Business of Fashion Short Courses

The Business of Fashion has a great portfolio of educational resources, including short courses in buying and merchandising, fashion history and digital marketing. BoF has called in the big guns to grow it’s learning platform, including VOGUE styling legend Lucinda Chambers and Colin McDowell MBE. Upon completion of your chosen course you will receive a certificate of achievement.

Duration: 10-11 hours

Timetable: Study at your own pace


3. Womenswear Design Course – Milan Fashion Campus

If you’re after a crash course in fashion design and illustration for womenswear, this self-study course by Milan Fashion Campus could fit the bill. You’ll learn how to draw the figure for fashion design including hand-colouring, how to design dresses, trousers, tops, denim, and more, market research, choosing fabrics, and collection planning.

Duration: Study at your own pace

Timetable: Study at your own pace

Price: €700


4. Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World – London College of Fashion

If you’re interested in sustainable and ethical fashion, this online course offers an excellent introduction and has been created in collaboration with industry heavyweights Kering. The course explores the planetary and human cost of the fashion industry, and explores the impact of sourcing materials, how to choose low-impact tools and methods for production, and creative approaches to sustainable fashion design.

Duration: 6 weeks

Timetable: 3 hours per week

Price: Free


5. Fashion Manufacturing – London College of Fashion

Whether you’re looking to build your own brand or simply understand the essential mechanics of the fashion industry better, this beginner course will give you an excellent grounding in manufacturing for fashion and how to cost and manage basic production. You’ll look at codes of conduct between suppliers and brands, fabric selection and testing, and the importance of accurate forecasting.

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: £465

6. Fashion Journalism – London College of Fashion

This fashion journalism course is aimed at beginners and covers the history of fashion and lifestyle publishing, how to write fashion news, working with PRs, interview tips, spotting trends, feature writing, and pitching to editors. It’s ideal for those looking to improve their writing technique and build a career in fashion writing.

Duration: 3 weeks

Price: £400


7. Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

Brought to you by the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode, this course takes an almost philosophical approach to understanding fashion and is perfect if you’re hungry for a little intellectual debate. One of the highlights is contributions from the great and the good in fashion, including Simon Jacquemus and Paul Smith.

Duration: 4 weeks

Timetable: 3 hours per week

Price: Free


8. Lingerie and Swimwear Design Course – Milan Fashion Campus

Designing lingerie and swimwear requires different technical skills than general womenswear designing. This self-study e-book produced by Milan Fashion Campus includes directions on creating anatomical sketches with software including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, creating mood boards and collections. This course does not include the technicalities of cutting patterns and is suited to people who already have some experience with fashion design

Duration: Work at your own pace

Timetable: Work at your own pace

Price: € 50


9. A History of Royal Fashion – University of Glasgow

Are you interested in fashion history? This course by the University of Glasgow, will take you through the wardrobes of five royal dynasties including the Tudors, the Stuarts, the Georgians, the Victorians, and the Windsors. You’ll learn how their outfits were designed to project power and control and how royal fashion influences trends.

Duration: 4 weeks

Timetable: 5 hours per week

Price: Free


10. Fashion Buying and Merchandising – London College of Fashion

This course will give you an insight into fashion industry practices, including who influences the fashions that are sold in retail stores and the roles of fashion buyers and merchandisers. You’ll cover trend predictions, visiting trade shows and fashion shows, and shopping skills. For those who are interested in continuing their studies, there are also more specialised courses in buying techniques, merchandising for luxury brands, for online retail, and for handbags and accessories.

Duration: 7 weeks

Price: £260


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London Based Online Fitness Coaches You NEED To Follow!

With the height of summer 2020 fast approaching and gyms and leisure centres still temporarily closed, many of us are turning to the internet to seek guidance and inspiration in our quest to achieve our fitness goals.

Finding the best, and most effect exercise programme to fit around our new WFH schedule can be tricky, but with so many fitness coaches, personal trainers and athleisure brands all now conducting business online, we have an abundance of options to choose.

So for those looking to keep up their exercise regimes away from the gym, check out our pick of some of the London’s best online fitness coaches here.



Psycle London’s Senior Instructor Wolfgang Mwanje aka “Wolf”, is one of London’s top fitness coaches.

Whilst most commonly known to many as a professional “Ride” Group Indoor Cycling Instructor, Wolf is also a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Trigger Point Foam Roller specialist.

Through his inclusive style of teaching, and natural sense of understanding, the ever enthusiastic Wolf delivers highly comprehensive, and truly effective classes full of energy and vigour – using his experiences as a dancer and choreographer to devise creative and unique, one-of-kind workouts unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Resolute in his unwavering dedication to help support and motivate anyone looking to make a change in their life for the better, Mwanje gives his all to create an authentic and visceral connection with each member of his ever-growing “pack”.

An inspirational man, with an eternally positive and uplifting spirit – for more information on Wolfgang Mwanje click here.



Personal trainer, blogger, best-selling author and podcast host Alice Liveing is also a former professional dancer, turned fitness guru. Liveing has reivented herself as a leading force within the industry, amassing an impressive and loyal online following, all of whom relate to her down-to-earth, realistic and astute approach to physical well-being.

Forever on a mission to help educate women on the physical and mental benefits of strength and conditioning, Alice also uses her voice as columnist for Women’s Health UK and an ambassador for Women’s Aid to further reinforce her message.

With a clear passion to inspire people everywhere with regards to all things health and fitness, as well as being dedicated to empower women to be the best version of themselves, find out more about Alice Liveing by checking out her official website here.



With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Louis Rennocks is the go to guy for anyone looking to make a significant lifestyle change.

As the co-founder and co-owner of BOXX LDN ( and head trainer at Jab Box (, the former boxer turned Sports Injury Therapist and Personal Trainer combines his skill and expertise to provide a variety of accessible studio-quality boxing, cardio, strength and yoga based workouts.

With his realistic and empathetic approach to training, Louis is a firm believer that exercise can transform lives, delivering his online sessions with a contagious energy that helps to reassure, motivate and inspire his clients to never give up.

The king of encouragement, Louis Rennocks has the knowledge, the passion and ability to help anyone and everyone achieve their dream body and ultimate fitness goal.



With a vast wealth of yoga teaching experience, and a dedicated background in elite gymnastics, personal trainer Shona Vertue has carved out quite the career for herself within the world of fitness, having perfected and honed her well-crafted teaching methods over the past decade.

Never one to shy away from taking the road less travelled in pursuit of achieving the ultimate killer body, Shona believes adopting an integrated approach to working out means achieving more effective results long term – combining weighted resistance training and cardio with yoga and meditation, placing just as much importance on rest and recovery, as hours spent in the gym.

The Vertue Method is now practised in over 65 countries around the world, and it encourages clients, (including a certain Mr. David Beckham) and fans alike to acquire new skills whilst training, and to have fun rather than focus solely on “aesthetic goals” and “punishing routines”.

For more information of Shona’s methods, visit her official website here.



As Master Trainer at Barry’s, Connor Minney specialises in delivering “tough” but “fun” online strength classes with dumbbells.

Passionate about pushing his clients to the limit to achieve levels of fitness they never thought possible, Connor aims to improve and change your physique with his weekly schedule of workouts focused on conditioning the whole body from top to bottom.

Classes are open to all, regardless of athletic ability, with each exercise strategically designed in a way that allows participants the option to scale down movements, to make them more manageable and comfortable, to best suit their level of fitness.

Charismatic, vibrant, and a lot of fun, Connor’s workouts can be found via his official website.


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The Best Eco-Friendly and Vegan Salons in London

Veganism is becoming more popular in the UK, with a huge rise in the meat-free food industry and fast food companies including Greggs and McDonalds launching vegan options on their menu. Of course, being a vegan is more about not eating meat. Living a vegan lifestyle also means using cruelty-free beauty products that don’t include animal products such as eggs and honey. Vegan salons use only vegan-friendly products and tend to focus on more eco-friendly and organic options.

Whether you’re making a move towards a plant-based lifestyle this year or you just want to reduce your environmental impact as much as possible, here are some of the best eco-friendly and vegan salons in London to keep you looking gorgeous without compromising your principles.


1. Glasshouse Salon

Founded in 2013, Glasshouse Salon in Hackney uses only cruelty-free hair and beauty products and organic hair dyes. The products are chosen to be gentle, nourishing, and avoid harsh chemicals.

Glasshouse also strives to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible by offering a range of Reduced Waste services so you can use a zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bar at your hair cut appointment or opt for reusable Paper Not Foil when you’re getting highlights.

If you want to make sure the products you use at home are as natural as those in the salon, they also offer a makeup bag overhaul service to detox your makeup bag. This service costs £30, which is redeemable against products bought on the day.

Prices: £58 for a restyle and blow-dry; Colouring from £70.

Open 10.30am – 8pm Tuesday, 11am -8pm Wednesday and Thursday, 9am – 6pm Friday, and 10am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Closed on Monday.

Netil House, 1 Westgate St, Hackney, London, E8 3RL


2. Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa

Aveda is famous for their high-quality cruelty-free natural beauty products. The Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa is now one of London’s most famous salons and is the idea place to experience the Aveda philosophy.
The hair colouring products used at Aveda consist of 96% naturally-derived ingredients and organic plant oils. All hair services include a complimentary Ayurvedic treatment and relaxing head and shoulder massage.

If you’re in need of some extra pampering, book into the spa for customized treatments to boost energy and improve skin health through aromatherapy and massage.

Prices: Cutting and styling from £43; Colouring from £30; Hair treatments from £15; Spa treatments from £60.

Open 8am – 7pm Monday, 8am – 8pm Tuesday to Friday, and 8am- 6.30pm Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

174-177 High Holborn, West End, London WC1V 7AA


3. Le Fix Natural Beauty Bar

Le Fix offers a wide selection of natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup and beauty products and a number of beauty treatments including facials, waxing, vegan and toxic-free manicures, makeup, and hair styling.

A 25-minute skincare consultation is free. From then, it’s your choice from an extensive menu that includes natural anti-ageing and skin detox treatments. Once your skin is smoother and brighter, get a professional makeover for day or night, with an optional application tutorial to learn how to recreate the look at home.

Prices: Facials from £45; Waxing from £5; Manicures from £25; Brow and lash treatments from £13; Makeup from £25.

Open 10am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 6pm Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

45 Newman St, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1QE


4. Lush Spa

Lush is well-known for their highly-fragranced beauty and body products using essential oils, but did you know they also have a spa on Oxford Street? Some, but not all Lush products are vegan, so be sure to request the use of vegan products if you require it.

The Lush spa treatments are designed to pamper and relax your body and your mind with a range of massages, therapeutic bathing experiences, and skin treatments to recharge, rejuvenate and unwind.

The signature synaesthesia spa treatment is a multi-sensory experience for the whole body including a relaxing massage with a bespoke blend of essential oils, bird song and sounds of the Dorset countryside, and tea served in the kitchen after your treatment to bring you back to earth.

Prices: from £40

Open 10am – 9pm Monday to Saturday and 11.30am – 6pm Sunday.

175-179 Oxford St, Soho, London, W1D 2JS


5. The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole organic hair salon in Hammersmith was founded in 2012 and has been offering Londoners 100% vegan and cruelty free haircuts and treatments ever since.

What makes The Rabbit Hole stand out from other salons is that they only employ vegan staff, so you’ll know that your stylist is aligned with your values and the conversations tend to range from vegan lifestyle to activism.

All colouring is done using Organic Colour Systems branded products, which are not only suitable for vegans, but also those with allergies and skin sensitivities. Reflexology massages, facials, and lash and brow treatments are also available.

Prices: Hair cuts from £45; Colouring from £20; Hair treatments from £10; Facials from £40.

Open from 11am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 11am – 6pm Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

6A Charleville Rd, Hammersmith, London, W14 9JL

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MG Motor Returns To Ireland

MG Motor is returning to Ireland with the arrival of the new MG ZS electric SUVMG Motor is returning to Ireland with the arrival of the new MG ZS electric SUV
MG Motor is returning to Ireland with the arrival of the new MG ZS electric SUV

MG Motor is returning to Ireland this winter with a new range of electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the way.

Frank Keane Group has been announced as the new distributor for the MG Motor brand in Ireland and will be responsible for the roll out of the brand’s range here in Ireland.

The first model to go on sale here in November will be the MG ZS. It’s being pitched as ‘Ireland’s first truly affordable, family friendly electric car as a compact SUV’. The new electric compact SUV from MG will be priced from €28,995 and will come with a 7 year warranty. It has a 44.5 kWh battery and a range of 262 km (WLTP).

The launch of the MG ZS on the Irish market will be followed by the arrival of the electric MG 5 Sportwagon and plug-in hybrid MG HS mid size SUV in the coming months.

Billy Riordan, CEO of the Frank Keane Group, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be getting involved with MG as their Irish partner. It is an exciting time for this growing brand which has such a rich history. The Frank Keane Group started its life in motor distribution over 50 years ago and we look forward to this next step in our journey.”

MG is the fastest growing car brand in the UK and growing across Europe with sales in a number of markets. Gerard Rice, Managing Director at MG Motor Ireland says the brand is currently in the process of building a nationwide dealer network for the MG Motor brand, with keen interest from a number of potential retail partners in becoming an MG Motor dealer in Ireland.

A website will also follow shortly where consumers can find out more about the MG range.

Gregory Webb, Head of Business Development UK, Ireland and EU right-hand-drive markets commented: “We are delighted to be working with the Frank Keane Group to bring the new electric MG brand to Ireland. We selected Frank Keane Group because of its wealth of experience in the Irish market. With our exciting new range of electric MGs, we will be able to offer the Irish motorist fantastic low and zero emissions options across the board.”

Frank Keane Group has over 50 years experience in the Irish motor industry. In 1967 Frank Keane was awarded the franchise for BMW, and was responsible for establishing, promoting and enhancing the brand and reputation of the marque in Ireland. In 1984 the Group was awarded the Irish distributor rights for Mitsubishi Motors and FUSO Trucks.

In 2003 the Group established its first retail presence with a BMW dealership in Dublin and in 2011 added a successful partnership with Volkswagen.

The Group now has a retail presence across 6 separate locations in South and West Dublin.

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Skoda Predicts Surge In 4×4 Demand Due To The ‘Beast From The East’

Skoda Ireland is predicting a rise in demand for their 4×4 range, with the arrival of the ‘Beast from the East’ this week.

Skoda’s prediction follows trends seen by the car brand after the severe winter snow in 2010 and 2011, where Skoda 4×4 sales increased fivefold the following year.

According to Skoda, the idea that all-wheel-drive only provides real benefits in winter on snow-covered or icy roads is a common misconception and their all-wheel-drive technology improves active safety all year round.

Speaking about ŠKODA’s 4×4 vehicles in Ireland, Mark Mulvaney, ŠKODA PR Manager, said:

“The all-wheel-drive market is extremely weather dependent. In 2012, we saw a huge increase in sales for our 4×4 range and we expect this trend to be repeated with the arrival of the snowstorm, this week. However, our 4×4 range is not just for snow storms that happen twice every decade – each 4×4 we produce proves to be a safe and loyal work horse in many other conditions, including towing trailers and boats, as well as on rough or slippery terrain.

“We are one of the few car brands that provide all-wheel-drive options across a range of models, from the Octavia and Superb to our latest SUV additions, so those looking to change or upgrade their car have plenty of options to choose from. In fact, Skoda is one of the longest-established brands to feature all-wheel-drive technology, first testing 4×4 systems back in the 1930s.”

The Skoda Octavia, Superb, Karoq and Kodiaq ranges are all available with 4×4. For further information visit www.Š

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Ford Launches Sporty New ST-Line Models In Ireland

Ford Ireland has launched a new ST-Line model range here with sporty styling and a range of powerful and efficient EcoBoost petrol and TDCi diesel powertrain options.

ST-Line versions will be available in Ireland of Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo and Kuga.

The styling of these ST-Line models is inspired by Ford’s high-performance models like the Fiesta ST and Focus ST and the range is designed for customers who aspire to the sporty image of Ford’s ST models. but do not require the full performance delivered by optimised ST engines and chassis with sports technologies.

All models in the ST-Line range come with sport suspension, body kit, unique alloy wheel designs, sport seats, sport steering wheel, black headliner, ambient lighting and alloy pedals.

The new Ford ST-Line models are available with high-power engine derivatives that complement the enhanced driving dynamics delivered by the sport suspension.

For example, the Fiesta ST-Line model has Ford’s award-winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine with higher power outputs of 100PS or 125PS.  For the Focus ST-Line, diesel powertrains on offer include a 120PS 1.5 litre TDCi or a 2.0 litre 150PS option.

The Ford Fiesta ST-Line starts from €21,350 for a 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol with 100PS.

The Ford Focus ST-Line starts from €24,875 for a 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol with 125PS 108g/km.

The Ford Mondeo ST-Line starts from €34,295 for a 2.0 TDCi with 150PS.

The Ford Kuga ST-Line starts from €36,145 for a 1.5 litre TDCi  with 120PS.

Caroline Kidd

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New Ford Focus ST Due In Ireland In August

The new Ford Focus STThe new Ford Focus ST
The new Ford Focus ST

The new Ford Focus ST will arrive in Ireland in August, priced from €39,595.

It will be available in two series – ST-2 and ST-3 – with a choice of petrol or diesel powertrains and hatchback or wagon bodystyles. Buyers can choose from a six-speed manual gearbox or a new seven-speed automatic transmission.

Engine options include the 280 PS 2.3-litre EcoBoost petrol and the 190 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine. The new generation of the 2.3-litre EcoBoost gives a 0 – 100 kmh time of 5.7 seconds for the hatchback.

Ford’s first application of an electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD) for a front-wheel drive vehicle enhances the cornering and stability of the EcoBoost variant by sharpening responses to changing grip levels and driver inputs using computer-controlled pre-emptive actuation.

Selectable Drive Modes technology is introduced to the Focus ST for the first time, enabling drivers to adjust the vehicle’s character to suit the driving scenario.

Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) – standard for five-door EcoBoost variants – enhances the short long arm (SLA) independent rear suspension configuration for greater refinement.

Ford’s new rev-matching technology that debuted on the new Ford Mustang is also introduced as part of an optional Performance Pack for 2.3-litre EcoBoost manual models.

Priced from €39,595, the ST-2 features ST design 18” alloy wheels, front lower grille in high gloss black, front and rear parking sensors, FordPass Connect and partial leather Recaro Performance seats.

Priced from €43,253, the ST-3 adds 19” alloy wheels, painted calipers, fixed full LED headlamps, rear view camera, full leather Recaro seats and power 4-way driver and passenger seats.

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Ford Ireland Comment On Continuing Rise Of Petrol

Sales of the Ford Focus are at just over 50% petrolSales of the Ford Focus are at just over 50% petrol
Sales of the Ford Focus are at just over 50% petrol

Figures from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) show that although year on year new car sales are down for 2019, there is a consistent rise in the number of motorists opting for petrol over diesel cars.

In January 2019, 45 percent of new cars sold in Ireland were petrol models. That figure for petrol models is an increase from 39 percent in January 2018 and 32 percent in January 2017.

The resurgence of petrol in the sales of Ford models in Ireland is even more pronounced than the wider market. For example, for the Ford Focus (3rd bestselling car in January 2019), the share of petrol models has increased from 21.8 percent in 2018 to 51.8 percent so far in 2019.

Ciarán McMahon, Ford Ireland Managing Director and Chairman, said, “A petrol model is the correct choice for many Irish motorists.  However, when the CO2-based tax regime was introduced back in 2008, we saw a huge migration to diesel models because the tax system favoured the lower emissions of diesel engines.

But for many motorists diesel was not the right choice for them mainly because their annual mileage in the car was not enough to justify the extra cost of a diesel. In addition, many new diesel-converts were not aware that diesel particulate filters (present in all modern diesels) required an occasional long run in the car at motorway speeds in order to burn off the particles of soot and carbon that are trapped in the filter.

Failure to do that would allow the filter to become clogged and in extreme cases would require the filter to be replaced at a considerable expense.  Our dealers have told us that this was becoming an occasional occurrence for a proportion of typically urban motorists who were not driving sufficient mileage in their diesel models.”

Back in 2009, Ford was the first manufacturer to develop a successful small turbocharged petrol engine – the award-winning 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine – that Ford claim has contributed to swinging the pendulum back in favour of petrol. In the intervening years, practically all other car manufacturers have developed their own small turbocharged petrol powertrain.

“The EcoBoost engine has been instrumental in turning the tide in favour of petrol for our top-selling models such as Fiesta and Focus,” concluded McMahon.

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Things That Go Bump In The Car Park

It’s very easy to spot the car owners in a car park that really take care of their car and want to protect it from bumps and scrapes.

They will be parked in some deserted corner of the car park like along the back wall, or straddling two spaces, eliminating the possibility of some careless car owner getting in nice and tight beside them.

It might seem crazy and over-protective – sure you can’t live your life worried about your car getting scratched? But to these car owners it’s completely rational to do laps of the car park to find the space with the least ‘contact’ potential. I should know I’m one of them!

Because of course parking really can be a contact sport. A few knocks from a car door or a runaway trolley impact can leave their mark.

In a genius move, Citroen has equipped their new C4 Cactus with “Airbump” technology in the areas of the car most prone to bumps and scrapes. The air pockets sit under a flexible skin of a rubbery type material and absorb small bumps and provide a bit more resistance to scratches.

A cactus survives in a harsh environment like a desert with high temperatures and little moisture. The C4 Cactus is aptly named then – this time surviving the harsh environment of the car park.

It’s a bit like bubble wrap – but for cars. What a brilliant idea for a car that’s been built to negotiate the urban jungle and will spend lots of time getting knocked in car parks?

The aesthetics of the airbumps suit the character of the C4 Cactus but I doubt BMW will be looking into airbump technology anytime soon to swathe across the side of an M3.

For the car proud, we still await some sort of scratch resistant paint and ding repellant bodywork (!). Of course the simplest thing would be if everyone could have a bit more respect for other people’s cars in the car park. Wishful thinking. Sure it’s only a car, why are you worried?

What is your strategy in the car park for protecting you car from bumps and scrapes?

Caroline Kidd

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New Honda Civic On The Way In March

Honda Ireland has announced that the new Civic will go on sale here from €23,750. The new car will launch in Ireland in early March 2017.

The new Civic is wider, longer, and lower than any of its predecessors and has a new interior.

Honda’s ‘SENSING’ suite of active safety and driver assist technologies will be standard across the new Civic range, including Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Traffic Sign Recognition.

The new Civic is available with the second-generation of Honda’s Connect infotainment and connectivity system, which offers full smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2017 Honda Civic2017 Honda Civic
Cabin of the 2017 Civic hatchback

This is the tenth generation of the Honda Civic and its arrival will also see the launch of two new petrol engines, a 127bhp three cylinder 1.0-litre i-VTEC Turbo and a 180bhp four cylinder 1.5-litre i-VTEC Turbo.

Caroline Kidd

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